Amoreiras Shopping Center

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Amoreiras Shopping Center

Solution: 2 EV Chargers (22 kW), Circutor Urban

In operation since 1985, Amoreiras is one of the most iconic commercial spaces in Lisbon and Portugal. Due to its characteristics and irreverent design, it is a shopping center that has become a must-visit location for Lisbon residents and tourists.
It has a total area of ​​45,000 square meters and over 200 stores. Amoreiras has retail spaces for fashion, food, decoration, culture, leisure, health and beauty. It caters to a population of three and a half million inhabitants, with an average number of 12.5 million visitors per year.

In partnership with Amoreiras, Power Dot developed a dedicated space to electric vehicles within the car park. This space was adapted with painting and signage to highlight this exclusivity. In these 4 parking spaces, 2 charge stations connected to the public network were installed, allowing for 4 vehicles to simultaneously charge with 22 kW of power capacity.

Since the launch in June 2019, thousands of charge sessions have been made. On average, each vehicle charges 12.5 kWh per session and 25% of users have charged more than once.
This proves that EV charging availabillity is an attractive factor for retail customers.


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