Creating charging experiences embedded in our lives

What do we do?

We invest, install and operate
EV charging points in parking lots.

Where do we invest?

We believe that destination and en-route charging are crucial for the development
of a sustainable EV fleet.
We invest in partnerships with retailers
such as supermarkets, shopping malls,
retail parks, restaurants, gyms, hotels
and more.

Where do we operate?

Our Partners

Jean-Charles Piche Intermarché Director
Saint-Nazaire, France

“Power Dot has brought a strong added value to my car park with a simple and effective solution, and totally free”

Bernardo Freitas, Head of sustainability CBRE

"With Power Dot, CBRE was able to take a very important step in introducing electric mobility into the assets under management, with a solution adapted to the needs of each building and its usage profile.
Power Dot demonstrated high professionalism and solutions tailored to our customers, both in installation and in operation and maintenance.
The partnership with Power Dot has resulted in benefits for all parties, while allowing us to promote more sustainable mobility across our portfolio."